Having an entrance that suits the needs of the many is imperative. For the visitor a warm and welcoming environment is key. The owner or user of a building finds it important that visitors have the right (first) impression. Facility managers find matters like safety and cleanability very important.

Although not top of mind when thinking about these aspects, the right entrance mat is a valuable factor in meeting everyone’s needs. That is why we would like to fill you in about the importance of selecting the right material. Here are our 5 reasons for using good quality entrance mats in your buildings and which material to select:

1. A good entrance mat avoids wear and tear of the other floors.

Once the flooring in a commercial building has been installed, you’d like to use it for many years. A mat protects the other installed flooring against wear and tear. Sand on a floor acts like sandpaper, damaging both hard floors and soft floors. If sand is kept at the entrance, it can’t damage the rest.

2. A mat reduces the cleaning costs.

An entrance mat catches dirt and moisture, reducing the cleaning effort. Some people claim that this cost reduction could go up even above 50%, but there is only one source that supports that number. But we all understand that the more dirt is caught at the entrance, the less vacuum cleaning and mopping needs to be done. Stain removal on soft floors is even more time consuming and should be avoided as much as possible.

3. A mat contributes to avoiding accidents.

It is the facility manager’s nightmare to be held accountable for injuries caused by a slippery floor on a rainy day. Avoiding moisture spreading around in the reception area reduces the chance of slip accidents. Polyamide better absorbs water, compared to polypropylene.

4. Dirt absorption is needed during the whole lifetime of the entrance mat

The first few meters at the entrance are the most frequented area of the whole building. Everyone has to pass through this. Polyamide is much stronger than polypropylene and will better maintain its absorption function over time when regularly vacuum cleaned.

5. Correct visual appearance during lifetime

Polyamide has a much better resilience compared to Polypropylene. The picture above shows that polypropylene is flat and dull after 5 years of use, whereas the polyamide mat has only lost a little bit in appearance. Using polyamide avoids showing a worn-out walking spur.

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