In early April, Alderman Gerrit Knol from the Municipality of Zwartewaterland officially opened the new production plant at Rinos for the energy-neutral production of coconut fibre mats. The idea for the new production method was born while… ironing!

Rinos has been producing coconut fibre mats for more than 90 years. This company in Genemuiden has been using gas-fired ovens for its production process for decades. This system resulted in considerable energy loss and a rather low yield. Naturally, we had been aware for some time that a better and, above all, more efficient method was needed.

There are many sectors and companies that are toying around with the idea of making the switch from fossil energy to other sources. We are fully aware of the necessity, only not always the means. When our Operational Director, Gerrit Wiggers, was ironing his shirt, a lamp bulb went off in his head. “If an iron can go from hot to cold so quickly, our production line should also be able to.”

This idea formed the basis for the conversion of the production line for coconut fibre mats. The gas-fired ovens were replaced by electrical heating with zones that can be adjusted precisely. The roof of the production facility had enough space for 1,200 solar panels that could generate the required energy. These panels now provide this production line with its own energy and have reduced energy consumption at Rinos by no less than 30%.

Sustainability is a hot topic, also in the floor sector. Architects, project interior designers and consumers are increasingly interested in bio-based products. Coconut fibre mats are sustainable by nature. After all, they are made from the fibres found on the outermost layer of the coconut. Energy-neutral production has enabled Rinos to take an important step towards the production of 100% bio-based coconut fibre mats.

Incidentally, did you know that a coconut fibre mat is also highly effective? Research has shown that a coconut fibre mat traps and conceals three times as much dirt as a mat made from artificial fibres.

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