The Dutch coir mat manufacturer Rinos has been nominated for the EZK Energy Award.This is a yearly award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate for the most inspiring example in the area of energy saving by companies.

In Genemuiden, Rinos already manufactures coir mats since the beginning of the previous century. For the production process, quite a lot of heat is needed to harden the vinyl backing. This used to be done with integrated gas heaters. “While ironing my shirt, I thought that this could be improved in the factory as well”, says ir. Gerrit Wiggers, Chief Operations Officer at Rinos. Through the refurbishment of the existing gas heating to electrical heating, 30% of energy is being saved.

The innovative installation creates a very uniform distribution of warmth, heats up very fast and cools down fast as well. With these properties, the energy can be applied exactly where and when needed. This not only saves energy, but also positively influences the product quality and the speed of production.

In combination with solar panels on the roof of the factory, the entire energy requirement of the coir mat production is now provided with sustainably generated energy, instead of with fossil fuels. This makes Rinos Coir mats the most sustainable coir mat available in the market.

On 29 January 2018, during the event “Partners in Energy Challenges” in Barneveld, it will be announced whether Rinos has won the EZK Energy Award.