Choose the right entrance mat: find out which mats to use where, and why.

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All the specifications you need to make the right choice for the perfect entrance mat.

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See what sets us apart from the other entrance matting manufacturers.

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See our commitment to support the perfect entrance for you.

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Not all entrance mats are created equal. We can help you make the right choice.

From overall performance to cleanability, and eco-friendliness to safety and compliance, we can help you choose the perfect entry mat for the situation.

Our entryway carpets are used in multiple situations and areas, such as reception areas, entrance areas, storage spaces, warehouses, lifts, pantries and or heavy traffic areas in factories.

The right entrance mat provides safety, saves money for cleaning and gives a great first impression of your company.

To determine which mat is the right one for every situation and for your client, you simply follow the perfect entry matting guidelines.


Experts in entrance mats

Find out about our 90 years experience with entrance mats, as well our logistical commitment and our fast service. Our PVC-backed standard articles on this website are available Ex Works within 5 working days¹ upon order confirmation; the other standard articles in 15 days. We have a track record of 98% reliability on confirmed order lines. And we can meet most special requests for entry mats regarding packaging, dimensions, backing and so on, on orders of 80 m² and up, per colour.

¹ Up to 250 m² per article.

About Rinos

Private label design and production

The entrance provides the first impression of every interior. It is for this reason that the floor of the entrance should really correspond to the rest of the floor design. Rinos develops and manufactures private label entrance floor coverings which perfectly fit in with your range of project flooring in terms of colour, pattern and texture. This way it is possible for you to offer your clients a well-considered comprehensive solution for floors.

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Supporting the perfect entrance

You know why entrance to a building is the most important space. It’s a company’s calling card. A clean, safe and good-looking entrance gives a great first impression.

Good entrance matting keeps buildings clean and helps saving on time and effort for cleaning. It also lowers floor maintenance costs due to wear and tear. Entry mats are often overlooked, but they are essential for the well-being of people and the building itself.

When looking for the right entry mat, you have to take a few things into account. First of all, the right product for the situation. At Rinos we supply indoor door mats, outdoor door mats, absorbent mats and scraping mats. Each kind of entryway carpet has it’s own qualities which come in handy in different situations.

Our entrance mats

Rinos. Leading in entrance mats.