How to clean your doormat at home?

30 March 2021

All our products are suitable for commercial use. Yet at our own home we have a doormat at every exit as well. After a long winter this needs some spring cleaning. The easiest way to do this is shown in this video:

New commercial team members

We have recently welcomed two new members to our commercial team. Ilse Zomer has joined us as Customer Service team leader. Customer contact and finding solutions for customer needs is one of the things she enjoys. You can reach Ilse at [email protected] Bart Nietsch is our new Business Development manager. Bart is a real flooring professional

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Stelvio: the entrance mat for a clean, inviting welcome.

The new Stelvio entrance mat meets increasing demand for a high-quality mat that always provides a welcoming entrance, regardless of the weather, even in rain and snow. It’s the ideal entrance mat for keeping hotels, high-end retail outlets and prestigious offices clean and safe. This chic, elegant, walk-off mat guarantees guests and visitors a well-groomed,

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Symphony2 For a cleaner entrance, and a cleaner environment.

Symphony2 is a new, improved walk-off entrance mat made of regenerated polyamide (Econyl). It keeps entrances clean and safe, thanks to its excellent performance. This new product is suitable for heavy commercial use (class 33) and is available in 10 colours, inspired by the beautiful tones of natural stone. The Symphony2 is the successor to

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Entrance mats with HydroTX absorb 3x as much moisture

3 July 2020

When it is very wet outside and many people come inside, you will often have visible wet footprints on the floor after the entrance mat. Hard or elastic floors can then be dangerous since there is a risk of slipping. It also looks messy and dirty. HydroTX for a cleaner floor That is why Rinos

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Spectacular improvement of moisture absorption with the new Moss product

25 February 2020

Rinos introduced the new Moss product at the Domotex. Just like the plant of the same name, this entrance mat quickly absorbs high levels of moisture. In comparison with standard mats, Moss absorbs three times as much moisture from a shoe sole during the first few steps. This ensures that footprints beyond the entrance mat

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Mercedes Benz dealer in Dubai decides to use Grafic

Quality and image are key factors for Mercedes Benz dealer Gargash in Dubai. When the company was searching for the perfect mat for its renovated showroom, Islandview Distribution, our distributor in the region, recommended Grafic. ‘Dust control and design’, after all, go hand-in-hand with Grafic. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian

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Grafic, a project-quality mat with an eye for detail

30 October 2019

For the past year, a project-quality mat has been available that features both a subtle graphic design and excellent performance! The Grafic is a mat that has since become popular for use in restaurants, shops, showrooms and museums. The dark grey basic material of the Grafic can be printed with one of five graphic patterns.

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Prevent the migration of plasticisers on cast floors

Cast floors, parquet and natural stone are susceptible to the migration of plasticisers from the PVC in entrance mats. This results in unsightly spots. So make sure to always recommend that hard flooring installers use a mat with s-FLX backing, the eco-friendly and easy-to-install alternative. Guaranteed peace of mind! s-FLX is PVC-free. Not only is

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10 reasons to use contract coir

Coir is the perfect material for high-traffic areas. Proof of this can be found at Droste’s Inn in the town of Tubbergen in The Netherlands. “Coir is a natural material that mutes the sound of rolling trolleys and footsteps and effectively traps dirt,” says owner Harald Droste. Coir is versatile “We have lots of guests

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