Coir is the perfect material for high-traffic areas. Proof of this can be found at Droste’s Inn in the town of Tubbergen in The Netherlands. “Coir is a natural material that mutes the sound of rolling trolleys and footsteps and effectively traps dirt,” says owner Harald Droste.

Coir is versatile

“We have lots of guests who are outdoor enthusiasts and have come to Twente in the Netherlands to enjoy the peace and quiet and easy-going atmosphere. So we wanted anything but the standard red carpet that, besides, often looks dirty and worn. As far as appearance and colour are concerned, coir combines perfectly with other natural materials like wood, marmoleum and even cast floors. We’ve used it in the entrance, along all stairs and in the hallways. It’s quite sound-absorbing and traps a good amount of dirt. This means we don’t have to vacuum as often in a manner of speaking. Coir requires little to no maintenance anyway.”

Coir mat with an even more heavy-duty pile

“There is now also a coir mat available with an even more heavy-duty pile,” adds Harald. “After 10 years, we have a few spots on the stairs where the pile has been pressed down a bit. Rinos recently began producing a coir mat that won’t get ‘pressed down’. We’ve launched a new project and I’ve asked the architect to incorporate coir again. At home, we’ve also used coir in the entrance and hallways.”

Plenty of reason to choose coir

Harald Droste offers six reasons to choose coir: natural look & feel, excellent combination possibilities, acoustical properties, tremendous dirt absorption capacity, low maintenance costs and extreme durability. We have four more reasons to add to that list: fire resistance, sustainable material, virtually stretch-free and extremely stable as a result,  and available in various pile heights.

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