How can you keep a school clean and tidy when nobody wipes their feet?

The Griftland College in Soest is a modern secondary school with 1500 students. They all enter the building through one main entrance every day. Without sufficient measures in place, it will soon look messy and dirty.

‘Research has shown that once an organisation has a certain image, this is difficult to change,’ says interior architect Erik van Groeningen of Interiorinput. ‘The impression of quality of the entrance gives visitors information about the quality of what is happening inside.’ Visual quality and high dirt absorption were therefore the main considerations when selecting an entrance mat. After all, the more dirt and moisture that is stopped at the door, the less effort will be needed to keep the rest of the building clean.

In addition, environmental aspects are playing a role more and more when selecting interior products. In consultation with Rinos, Griftland College decided to use the Sahara Wave dust control mat with s-FLX backing and regenerated polyamide yarns. The carpet backing of this product is made of polyurethane instead of PVC. This means that plasticisers are no longer needed in the raw materials and there is less energy consumption and CO2 emissions cradle-to-grave. The carpet top is made of nylon that is recovered from, for example, old fishing nets that are fished out from the sea.

In practice, this is a good choice. ‘I’m happy that we selected this product,’ says Isabella Costermans, Head of Facilities Management of the school. ‘It still looks good after frequent use, looks professional and absorbs moisture perfectly. This has ensured that there have not been any more slipping incidents on the floor after you have walked over the dust control mat.’

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