Nothing is more annoying than a dirty doormat. And the feeling of wanting to apologise for stains as you welcome visitors! The James Staindisc solves this problem, providing instant, clear instructions on how to deal with at least 38 different types of stains.

We can’t emphasise it enough: regardless of what caused a stain, always avoid hard rubbing! This will damage the structure of your mat. First try to find out which substance caused the stain. Then remove as many solids as possible, using a spoon. This immediately prevents further damage.

The right treatment for each type of stain

The James Staindisc is an extremely handy aid in getting rid of stains. The disc identifies 38 types of stains and describes the best treatment for each type. Did you know that 90% of all fresh stains can be removed with water? Just wring out a wet towelling cloth and lay it on the fresh stain immediately it appears. Do this until the stain no longer discolours the cloth. Then leave the cloth in place until it is dry.

Preferably use a white towelling cloth. A white cloth not only prevents discolouration of your mat, but makes it easier to see whether the stain is still releasing colour.

James Staindisc – your stain removal adviser

No matter what type of fresh stain disfigures your polyamide doormat, James Staindisc has the solution. Read more about the James Staindisc and maintenance instructions for polyamide and coir doormats in our white paper.

Download our white paper, which includes the James Staindisc

Tip: Print the white paper and pin or tape the Staindisc inside your cleaning locker. So it’s easily visible and you always have exactly the right stain solution to hand.