When it is very wet outside and many people come inside, you will often have visible wet footprints on the floor after the entrance mat. Hard or elastic floors can then be dangerous since there is a risk of slipping. It also looks messy and dirty.

HydroTX for a cleaner floor
That is why Rinos is now introducing HydroTX. This textile technology ensures that the entrance mat absorbs three times as much moisture from the soles of shoes during the first few steps when compared to conventional mats. This is a practical solution because there is usually no space in the interior for a carpet runner measuring six metres or more.

Suitable for contract use
With HydroTX you can have entrance floor covering that is suitable for heavy-duty contract use (class 33) and that meets strict fire safety requirements (Cfl-s1 of Bfl-s1) for contract floors.

Supported by research
In order to solve the wet footprint problem, Rinos worked together with Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Researchers went back to basics to achieve a breakthrough in moisture absorption. Tests showed that one hundred persons walk in one litre of water after a downpour. This must be absorbed in a few steps while nearly nobody wipes their feet. This has been made possible by developing a new material composition. For more information visit www.hydrotx.eu.

Branded feature
Rinos offers HydroTX as a branded feature to wholesalers and distributors that want to place Rinos’ HydroTX products on the market under their own distribution brand. This makes it easier to sell a clean floor instead of an entrance mat. Contact us to discuss this option: [email protected]