How much sand can a walk-off mat like Grafic absorb? This was our question to visitors and passers-by at our stand at Domotex in Hannover. We scattered a quantity of sand onto a sample of our new product, Grafic (see photo with cube). But how much did we scatter? How much was there before it was walked in by passers-by? The guess closest to the correct weight would win a Microsoft Surface laptop.

Even professionals often have no idea

Estimates varied enormously. Even flooring professionals often have no idea how much dirt is walked into a building every day. Nor how much dirt a Grafic walk-off mat can absorb! We sprinkled 162.68 grams on the sample mat. That corresponds to 1,934 grams per square metre! How that looks before it’s walked into the mat can be seen in the photos below …


And the winning answer was … 162.68 grams of sand! Our congratulations have already reached the winner!

Graphic Pattern

The Grafic is a highly-effective, walk-off scraper mat. The mat absorbs more than 90% of walked-in dirt and removes it completely from sight. But the Grafic adds even more to business entrances. The mat’s details attract the eye, with a subtle, graphic pattern against a solid background colour. And that makes a world of difference. Visitors immediately get a good first impression. Against the dark-grey, background colour, the five graphic patterns (stone, rings, squares, comb and grid) subtly come to life. The design is always discreet. Never dull.

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