How much sand can the Grafic absorb? A lot!

15 February 2019

How much sand can a walk-off mat like Grafic absorb? This was our question to visitors and passers-by at our stand at Domotex in Hannover. We scattered a quantity of sand onto a sample of our new product, Grafic (see photo with cube). But how much did we scatter? How much was there before it

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A content Sahara Wave user – Griftland college shares its experience

17 October 2018

How can you keep a school clean and tidy when nobody wipes their feet? The Griftland College in Soest is a modern secondary school with 1500 students. They all enter the building through one main entrance every day. Without sufficient measures in place, it will soon look messy and dirty. ‘Research has shown that once

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BLOG: Easily remove 38 different kinds of stains from your polyamide doormat

28 August 2018

Nothing is more annoying than a dirty doormat. And the feeling of wanting to apologise for stains as you welcome visitors! The James Staindisc solves this problem, providing instant, clear instructions on how to deal with at least 38 different types of stains. We can’t emphasise it enough: regardless of what caused a stain, always

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New Product Designer Joska Jalving

19 July 2018

In June Joska Jalving has started with us as Product Designer. Rinos distinguishes itself in the market with high quality entrance solutions. With her knowledge and expertise Joska will (co) develop these innovations and take care of developing products with a focus on design. In her work she will translate external influences and trends.

New Rinotap colours

9 May 2018

The Rinotap owes its popularity not only to its exceptional quality – this coir mat is also available in no fewer than 14 different colours. Small offices, commercial buildings and residential environments have plenty of options to choose from, now also including the contemporary colours of green, blue and maize. Request the new colour card.

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From ironing to energy-neutral production

26 April 2018

Coconut fibre mats are sustainable by nature. After all, they are made from the fibres found on the outermost layer of the coconut. Energy-neutral production has enabled Rinos to take an important step towards the production of 100% bio-based coconut fibre mats.

Rinos nominated for EZK Energy Award

23 January 2018

The Dutch coir mat manufacturer Rinos has been nominated for the EZK Energy Award.This is a yearly award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate for the most inspiring example in the area of energy saving by companies. In Genemuiden, Rinos already manufactures coir mats since the beginning of the previous century. For the

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Blog: 5 reasons why to use polyamide entrance mats in your building

23 November 2017

Having an entrance that suits the needs of the many is imperative. For the visitor a warm and welcoming environment is key. The owner or user of a building finds it important that visitors have the right (first) impression. Facility managers find matters like safety and cleanability very important. Although not top of mind when

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New entrance mat Victoria combines highest performance levels with on trend stylish design

12 October 2017

Rinos introduces the Victoria: a high-quality and stylish velour entrance mat. This on trend addition to the collection feels superbly at home in heavily frequented area’s such as large offices, public buildings, hospitals and schools. Victoria is an asset to every commercial building and is available as of now. Safe, durable and highest absorption rating

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Customer satisfaction survey: high rating for logistic services

10 October 2017

Rinos’ customers were recently asked to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. This survey rendered valuable information and we would like to thank the participants for their contribution. The survey results show that our logistic services are being valued with an average rating of an 8 out of 10. These services entail: a lead time

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