The entrance mat for a clean, inviting welcome.

The Stelvio entrance mat meets increasing demand for a high-quality mat that always provides a welcoming entrance, regardless of the weather, even in rain and snow. It’s the ideal entrance mat for keeping hotels, high-end retail outlets and prestigious offices clean and safe.

This chic, elegant, walk-off mat guarantees guests and visitors a well-groomed, clean entrance area, even in bad weather conditions. It’s a wonderfully voluminous mat in 5 uni colours with a frisé pile construction for a lively feel. The high, dense pile construction (1400 g/m2) provides a soft, luxurious feel while ensuring high dirt absorption (class 3).

An entrance mat that excels in so many aspects, Stelvio is suitable for commercial applications (class 32) and complies with fire class Cfl-s1. The mat is available with an impermeable PVC backing, to protect the subfloor, or with Pura Backing, the PVC-free alternative, which also prevents discolouration of the subfloor.

Pura Backing

Pura Backing makes walk-off mats more sustainable, by avoiding the use of PVC or plasticizers. It’s the answer to increased demand by commercial and home interior furnishers for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions down to the last detail, including the entrance mat! Mats with Pura Backing satisfy this requirement with zero PVC, zero plasticizers, a lower ecological footprint – and they’re easy to install!

Where to use

Stelvio is suitable for use in heavier conditions such as rain and snow. Entrance areas in hotels, high-end retail, medium and large offices remain clean and safe.



Pura Backing

Pile material 100% Polyamide 100% Polyamide
Backing PVC PU
Primary backing nonwoven PET/PA nonwoven PET/PA
Yarn construction Frisé Frisé
Pattern Uniform Uniform
Colours 5 5
Pile weight ISO 8543 1400 g/m² 1400 g/m²
Total weight ISO 8543 ca. 4200 g/m² ca. 3600 g/m2
Pile height ISO 1766 ca. 8,0 mm ca. 8,0 mm
Total height ISO 1765 ca. 10,0 mm ca. 10,0 mm
Pile density ISO 8543 0,170 g/m² 0,170 g/m²
Number of stitches ISO 1763 ca. 186.800 /m² ca. 186.800 /m²
Use classification EN 1307 32 32
Wearing class EN 1963 32 32
Comfort EN 1307 LC3 LC3
Suitabililty for stairs EN 1963 Incidental use Incidental use
Suitability for castor chairs EN 985 Incidental use Incidental use
Dimensional stability ISO 2551 < 0,2% < 0,2%
Light fastness ISO 105 B02 >6 >6
Water fastness ISO 105 B01 4-5 4-5
Rubbing fastness ISO 105 X12 4-5 4-5
Salt water ISO 105 E02 4-5 4-5
Shampoo BS 1006 4-5 4-5
Organic solvents ISO 105 X05 4-5 4-5
Absorption capacity TNO W6034 7,4 l/m² 7,4 l/m²
Flammability Euroclass EN 13501 Cfl-s1 Cfl-s1
Slip Resistance EN 13893 DS DS
Static charge ISO 6356 2,0 kV 2,0 kV
Sand absorption class* 3 3
Optical class** 3,5 3,5
Declaration of Performance Available Available
Roll dimensions*** 135 cm/20 m, 200 cm/20 m 135 cm/20 m, 200 cm/20 m
Roll length ±20 m ±20 m

CE* Sand Absorption Class 3: >=90% | Sand Absorption Class 2: 80% =< class 2 < 90% | Sand Absorption Class 1: =< 80%
** Optical Class: 5 is best, 1 is lowest
*** All listed dimensions include a PVC edge of 2.5 cm. The roll lengths are an indication. Delivered length can be up to 15% higher or lower. Installation and maintenance advice is available on our website.

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