An entrance mat that offers the highest level of performance and design, while complementing modern, high traffic environments with its attractive appearance. Get acquainted with the new Victoria.

The Victoria is a contemporary velour entrance mat, available in nine, fashionable, mostly-natural colours, for example green. The grey background tone, in combination with the colour accents, ensures that it always complements the surrounding floor, and also hides the greyish tone which entrance mats can acquire over time.

The mat is rated fire class Bfl-s1, which means it complies with the highest fire safety requirements for escape routes. Thanks to its Use Classification 33 (EN 1307), it provides excellent wear resistance and is extremely suitable for heavy duty commercial applications.

We developed the Victoria to provide extra-high dirt absorption. And we succeeded: it is rated absorption class 3, the highest classification. Cleaning is easy – simply use a vacuum cleaner.

The Victoria is also up-to-date in terms of environmental friendliness. It is made from recycled polyamide Econyl yarn. If required, it is also available with PVC-free s-FLX backing. This makes it even more environmentally friendly – from production to processing. And it is easier to lay, thanks to greater flexibility and 20% less weight.

With Victoria we have created a particularly effective and stylish entrance mat. An attractive looking mat that is perfectly at home in high-traffic environments such as commercial premises, public buildings, hospitals and schools.

Where to use

Victoria is a modern walk-clean mat offering excellent performance. Thanks to its contemporary look and up-to-date colour range, it is well-suited to heavy-duty project applications in public and commercial buildings, hospitals and schools.




Pile material 100% recycled (Econyl®) Polyamide 100% recycled (Econyl®) Polyamide
Backing PVC PU
Primary backing non-woven PET/PA non-woven PET/PA
Yarn structure Velour Velour
Design Mixed Mixed
Colours 9 9
Pile weight ISO 8543 900 g/m² 900 g/m²
Total weight ISO 8543 approx. 3,700 g/m² approx. 3.100 g/m²
Pile height ISO 1766 approx. 6.0 mm approx. 6.0 mm
Total height ISO 1765* approx. 8.0 mm approx. 8.0 mm
Pile density ISO 8543 0.148 g/m² 0.148 g/m²
Number of stitches ISO 1763 approx. 95,800 /m² approx. 95,800 /m²
Use Classification EN 1307 33 33
Wearing Classification EN 1963 33 33
Comfort EN 1307 LC3 LC3
Suitability for stairs EN 1963 Intensive use Intensive use
Suitability for wheelchairs EN 985 Intensive use Intensive use
Dimensional stability ISO 2551 < 0.4% < 0.4%
Light fastness ISO 105 B02 >7 >7
Water fastness ISO 105 B01 >4 >4
Rubbing fastness ISO 105 X12 >4 >4
Salt water ISO 105 E02 4 4
Shampoo BS 1006 4 4
Organic solvents ISO 105 X05 4 4
Absorbency TNO W6034 ± 4.8l/m² ± 4.8l/m²
Fire behaviour Euro Classification EN 13501 Bfl-s1 Cfl-s1
Slip resistance EN 13893 DS DS
Static charge ISO 6356 2.0 kV 2.0 kV
Sand absorption Classification** 3 3
Optical Classification*** 3.5 3.5
Declaration of Performance Available Available
Roll Dimensions**** 135 cm/20 m, 200 cm/20 m 135 cm/20 m, 200 cm/20 m
Roll length ±20 m ±20 m
Mat dimensions**** 60*90 cm, 90*150 cm, 135*200 cm 60*90 cm, 90*150 cm, 135*200 cm


Backing Bitumen
Colours Grey 135
Total weight 4000 g/m²
Total height 9 mm
Flammability EN 13501 Cfl-s1
Dimensional stability EN 986/ ISO 2551 Passed (<0,2%)
Size 50*50 cm
Packaging 3 m²

* On request, the total height can be increased with 1 mm for use as inlay in profile mats. In that case, the roll length will be 10 m.

** Sand absorption Classification 3: >=90%
Sand absorption Classification: 80% =< class 2 < 90%
Sand absorption Classification 1: =< 80%

*** Optical Classification: 5 indicates highest, 1 indicates lowest

**** All listed dimensions include a PVC edge of 2.5 cm. The roll lengths are an indication. Delivered length can be up to 15% higher or lower. Installation and maintenance advice is available on our website.

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