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You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. This is why the entrance to a building is so important: it is a company’s calling card. Rinos supplies the entrance mats required to make this first impression an enjoyable experience.

Good entrance matting not only assures a pleasant introduction to a building or location. Our entrance mats also keeps buildings clean, saving on cleaning time and effort. And also prevents additional floor maintenance costs due to wear and tear.


For a perfect entrance a few things are needed. First of all, the right product. Rinos supplies indoor absorbent mats and scraping mats and outdoor door mats. Each kind of entrance matting has different qualities which can be applied to a range of different situations.

s-FLX backing: the environmentally friendly entry mat that is easy to install

We have developed a new type of backing for dust control mats. One that is easier to use and better for the environment. The s-FLX backing is PVC-free and this yields major benefits.

  • Easy to lay: the entry mat is 20% lighter and three times more flexible
  • No discolouration or stickiness: we do not use plasticisers and this prevents migration of these materials on to hard subfloors. The backing, therefore, does not impact on the top coating of the floor.
  • Kinder to the environment: from production to processing 30% less energy consumption and 15% lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • No plasticisers or chlorine, thus ensuring cleaner waste disposal.


Scraping entrance mats

The combination of soft and coarse yarns double the qualities of the scraping entrance mats: the coarse yarns scrape the dirt from the feet, whilst the soft yarns absorb moisture. Although an outdoor mat is not required where scraping entrance matting is in place it might contribute to an even cleaner interior.


high trafficA walk-off entrance mat available in one, perfectly-chosen background colour. With subtle, graphic patterning.
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high traffic – Sahara is a visually appealing scraping entrance mat designed for high-traffic areas.
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Sahara Wave

high traffic – Sahara Wave is a scraping entrance mat designed for high-traffic areas.
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high traffic – The innovative Connection entrance matting features dirt scraping
and moisture absorbing properties and is ideal for heavy commercial use.
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high traffic – The Victoria is a scraper entrance mat which absorbs an exceptionally high volume of dirt, while retaining its attractive appearance. Its contemporary colourways make it suitable for modern, yet heavy-duty, project applications.
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high traffic – Its natural colours, inspired by the subtle shades of natural stone, will complement any entrance. The mixture of matt and gloss yarns further help to bring the Symphony2 to life on entrance floors.
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high traffic – For commercial areas where moisture absorption and dirt scraping are a priority, choose Symphony entrance matting.
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high traffic – Dimensions is a entrance matting optimised for dirt scraping
and moisture absorption. This mat is ideal for commercial premises and medium-sized and large buildings.
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high traffic – The Gibson is our top performer for capturing sand and absorbing moisture in high-traffic areas.
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medium trafficIts subtle blend of colours fits easily into any environment and the mat is highly functional. Wear-resistant polyamide absorbs moisture, while light scraper fibre prevents dirt from being walked in.
Read more about Nubia


medium traffic – The Duratap is a top quality coir fibre mat that absorbs moisture and scrapes dirt. The entrance mat is ideal for commercial areas. It is the top coir fibre mat in our range.
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medium traffic – The Rinotap is a coir fibre mat that absorbs moisture and scrapes dirt. The classic product is ideal in situations with low traffic and is especially effective in light use commercial areas.
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medium traffic – The Promotap is a coir fibre mat that absorbs moisture and scrapes dirt. The entrance mat is suitable for areas of light traffic and absorbs a lot of moisture.
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Absorbent entrance mats

Absorbent entrance mats are largely made up of soft yarns that are capable of absorbing dirt and are optimised for moisture absorption. In order to keep dirt outside more effectively, we recommend combining your indoor door mat with an outdoor door mat.


high trafficMoss keeps floors cleaner and drier than standard mats by minimising footprints from wet soles on the floor beyond the mat. Moss absorbs three times more moisture.
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high traffic – The Stelvio entrance mat meets increasing demand for a high-quality mat that always provides a welcoming entrance, regardless of the weather, even in rain and snow.
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high traffic – The Panthera is a luxury mat that is very durable. The mat is ideal for high moisture absorption and works best in combination with an outdoor mat.
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high traffic – Volante is a versatile entrance mat that can be installed in different locations. The Volante is optimised for moisture absorption.
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high traffic – The Luxor is a representative entrance matting that absorbs moisture and dirt. It is ideal for heavy-duty use and works best when used in combination with an outdoor mat.
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medium traffic – The Hudson is an entrance carpet with good absorption ability. It is optimized for moisture absorption and can handle sand.
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medium traffic – The Prisma is an entrance mat with good absorption ability for moisture and dirt. The mat is available in different uni-colours.
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Outdoor door mats

Outdoor door mats are designed to catch and collect dirt. With their scraping function they ensure that coarse dirt is kept outside in particular. Outdoor door mats are used in combination with absorbing mats in the entrance in order to prevent moisture from being brought in. Outdoor door mats are easy to rinse clean and dry quickly.


Collect is a practical and vibrant outdoor mat that pairs scraping qualities with moisture absorption. The outdoor mat fits any entrance.
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